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What is this site?

Progstreaming Access is from the makers of our successful website Progstreaming. It’s a combination between a regular streaming site and a blog, and we promote - just like the 'big sister' Progstreaming new releases within the genre of progressive rock. 

  1. Progstreaming Access will stream submitted releases for 3 months maximum, unless the stream has proven to be very popular
  2. If a certain page will obtain 100 Facebook-likes (as noted under the artwork on the Facebook-counter), the stream will remain as long as band is willing to let it stay, even if this is for all eternity,
  3. If a certain page will obtain 200 Facebook-likes, we'll reward this by granting a special 4 week-feature at Progstreaming itself.
  4. Thereby, Progstreaming Access serves as a 'stepping stone' for young, new, upcoming, DIY, digital, or otherwise new-in-the-field artists and bands. 

So why are you doing this?

Most importantly because we’re a big fans ourselves, and we want to urge newcomers and old fans alike to keep in touch with what’s out there within progrock. 

So how should I use it?

Just delve into our site, and click the albums you would like to investigate. Our own JW-player is just easy: just wait for it to load, and click 'play'. Bandcamp is really easy to. For listening to full albums on streaming platforms in some cases you need to download a program (Spotify for example) or have a real account. Apple Music offers in our opinion the best way to listen to 30sec. clips. Finally Deezer has a very good free version, which is browser-based. For using that, go to Deezer.com and log in through Facebook (don’t worry, no costs) and then go back to this site and click on the player. If you don’t do that, you’ll get 30sec. clips just like Apple Music.

Like any website, we love good promotion. If you just would like to give a Facebook-‘like’ to the ones you do, or Tweet about it, that’s much appreciated.

If you like to send us an e-mail, go right ahead at  progstreaming(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you have a GREAT idea what to add to our site, please use the same link.

So, there’s our concept. We hope you will enjoy. We wish you many excellent discoveries!